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High School Musical TV Series Details Revealed

High School Musical

It’s once again time to “get your head in the game!” New details for the upcoming TV series adaptation of High School Musical have been revealed, most notably that it’s going to have all new characters.

The 10-episode series is called “High School Musical: The Musical” and will be released on Disney’s own Netflix-like streaming service which is expected to launch late next year. The show will be shot “like a documentary” and follows a new set of characters. According to Disney, the TV adaptation will follow a group of East High students who plan on staging their own rendition of HSM for their winter theatre production. Each episode will feature a cover of songs from the original HSM movies as well as new ones.

New characters of HSM: The Musical include Ricky, an average student and its lead star; Nini, Ricky’s ex-girlfriend who’s a frequent cast of their school’s musicals; and E.J., Nini’s new found lover and a kid-entrepreneur.

Disney is currently still in the casting process, so expect more details to be revealed soon. It is still unclear if characters from the original HSM will do cameos.

What HSM songs would you love to hear on screen again? Let us know in the comments section below!

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