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DCEU Loses Its Superman

Henry Cavill

First, it was Ben Affleck’s Batman. And now, it seems the DC Cinematic Universe has lost its Superman as well with Henry Cavill parting ways with Warner Bros.

The DCEU has been plagued with inside drama as Warner and DC continue to shake up existing plans to improve its slate and deliver films moviegoers would actually love. Its films have been bombarded with negative reviews from both critics and fans alike and have lived under the shadows of the success of the Marvel Cinematic Universe.

This latest development comes from Warner’s failed attempt at trying to get Cavill to appear in a cameo in the upcoming “Shazam!” adaptation starring Zachary Levi. But contract talks between Cavill’s agency and Warner fell through the cracks primarily because of Warner’s shifted focus.

With the only success from the DCEU being Patty Jenkins’ Wonder Woman, it was only expected that Warner would highlight heroines this time around. A Supergirl movie is in the works and would feature a teenage superhero. Given that, there would be no room for Cavill’s Superman as the timelines don’t align.

Henry Cavill isn’t the first one to put down the cape. Earlier this year, Ben Affleck stepped down as the director of the solo Batman film, with Matt Reeves taking the helm from him. Matt Reeves decided to not use Affleck’s script and ultimately his iteration as Batman because his version would be a standalone, one not attached to the current string of DCEU films.

How do you feel about this latest development? Do you think the DCEU would be as successful as the MCU?

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