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“Crazy Rich Asians” Director Wrote A “Love” Letter to Coldplay

Director Jon M. Chu wanted to “reclaim” the word “Yellow” because of its racist connotations about asians.

Crazy Rich Asians Coldplay

Jon M. Chu, director of the now critical and box office success “Crazy Rich Asians” shared that he wrote a letter to Coldplay asking permission to use their song “Yellow” in the movie.

He was initially rejected by the band but he never gave up, saying that it was important for that song to be in the movie. “We’re going to own that term. If we’re going to be called yellow, we’re going to make it beautiful,” he added during an interview with The Hollywood Reporter.

After the rejection, he penned personal letters and sent it to the individual Coldplay banned members. After 24 hours of doing so, Coldplay said yes and the song was used as a key component of the movie. A Mandarin cover of the track was later recorded by The Voice Season 10 contestant Katherine Ho.

Read the full letter below:

Crazy Rich Asians Letter To Coldplay

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