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10 Things You Need To Know About “BuyBust”


BuyBust has been hailed as one of the most blistering and explosive Filipino movie of all time by moviegoers and critics alike. But here are 10 things you need to know about the biggest Filipino blockbuster of 2018.

1. “BuyBust” is “linked” to “On The Job”

BuyBust - On The Job

While filming 2013’s “On The Job” in 2nd Avenue, Caloocan, a drunk was causing a commotion on set. The production team had to call in a barangay tanod (a deputized civilian) to settle the situation. While in the middle of the ruckus, Director Erik Matti tried to think of a possible way out if things got out of hand. But he couldn’t remember which alleys point to an exit. And that experience, that sense of uncertainty, stuck with him, which later became the inspiration behind “BuyBust.”

2. A 3-minute Long Take

BuyBust 2

One of the highlights of the film was a 3-minute long take nearing the conclusion. It was when Anne Curtis had to go on the roof to fend off her attackers. It took them 57 takes to finally get it right.

3. Mixed Martial Artist PDEA “Agent”

BuyBust 3

There’s good reason why one of the two last PDEA agents was able to stay alive and kicking that long (even after being electrocuted and stabbed several times) – he’s a mixed martial artist in real life. Brandon Vera, who played Rico Yatco is a Filipino-American mixed martial artist signed with ONE Championship. He is also a professional competitor, having competed for the UFC and the WEC.

4. The Slum Maze

BuyBust 4

The labyrinth of a slum where the PDEA agents were trapped in was actually made from scratch – all 8,000 squared meters of it! With an Php80M budget, there’s no doubting the scale of this production.

5. The Cast Were Professionally Trained

BuyBust 5

The entire cast of BuyBust were trained by real scout rangers. Anne Curtis spent months doing Kali and gun training – all to make the fight scenes more realistic.

Lazada Philippines

6. A Year Of Pre-Production

BuyBust 6

Erik Matti and the crew spent over a year on pre-production: building the set, combat training, script reading, acting workshops, storyboarding, and the previsualizations of fight scenes. Day One of filming was on March 2017.

7. The Horde

BuyBust 7

Over 1,278 extras were cast in the movie – either serving as hordes of civilian attackers or piles of dead bodies as dreadfully shown in one of the final aerial shots of the film.

8. “Do you bleed?”

BuyBust 8

BuyBust has already been called as one of the most gruesome and the bloodiest movie to have ever been filmed for Philippine cinema. And rightfully so – 928 liters of fake blood was used during production. Enough blood to fill a large fish aquarium!

9. Spraying Bullets

BuyBust 9

What is an action movie if not for the gun fights – over 15,321 bullets were used to fuel the rage from all sides of the battle – resulting in pure carnage.

10. Ending It With A Bang

BuyBust 10

Being on the set of BuyBust was like being in the middle of streets on New Year’s eve – 251,226 grams of gunpowder for 23,057 explosives were used, enough to bring entire buildings down.

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